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Build Green

There are many reasons for choosing to build a “green” or “sustainable” building—from the savings provided by its enhanced energy efficiency to the personal satisfaction of being environmentally responsible. Smith Development and Construction Company can provide a practical solution whatever your motivation. We have access to LEED® Accredited Professionals who are ready to assist with the design of your building.

Of course, choosing a sustainable building design makes sense only if it can be delivered within your budget. Our ability to offer Butler® steel buildings makes sustainable building affordable. Butler combines the inherent green benefits of steel with the company’s green systems and practices. The result is a building that

  • Contains a high percentage of recycled material and is itself recyclable
  • Optimizes the use of raw materials,
  • Is energy efficient
  • Can help you achieve LEED® certification.

LEED® is a trademark of the US Green Building Council

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